Hawaiian Buds

Hawaiian Buds

Hawaiian Hybrid Buds

“NOTICE” by FDA law the products are not labeled marijuana or as marijuana alternatives. They are wonderful natural herbal enhancement products, which customers love.

100% Exotic Hawaiian Hybrid Import

Now an Exclusive!


“Voted the best of the best 100% legal alternative smokes by repeat customers 8 years in a row!” Flown in from the islands, freshly picked and bagged directly from the 2000 acre reserve in Hawaii! Not leaf compressed or rolled into bud shapes. 100% Pure Exotic Wild Lettuce Opium Buds, smoked since the 1960’s as the best legal herbal smoke on the planet….and it still is! Potent and Sweet Smelling, with many red hairs, this “buds” for you! While other companies may form fake buds by sticking things together, this exotic Hawaiian import is 100% the REAL DEAL! Our returning customers can’t get enough of this exotic import, over 100 lbs a week!

All of our pictures show actual products.

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