Countries where it is legal to use marijuana

Countries where it is legal to use marijuana

For some reason or another the cultivation, sale and distribution of cannabis is spreading beyond our borders . Each country has legislation in this regard depending on the purpose of the consumer and other factors such as whether it is a medicinal or scientific use or its use is exclusively recreational . In the following map we see at a glance the general situation in several countries of the world. Later we detail the particularities of each country:

Its consumption is legalized in private (in public spaces it implies a fine); legal possession up to 100 grams; technically illegal sale but allowed in cannabis clubs; decriminalized transportation; legal cultivation for personal consumption.

Only country with a complete legal status regarding the consumption of the plant. In 2013, it passed a law that also made it the first country to legalize the sale and distribution (in the hands of the state) and also the cultivation, up to a maximum of six plants per person or household.

Use and legal cultivation for medicinal or scientific purposes; decriminalized its consumption in some states and territories.

New Zealand approves a law that allows the medicinal use of marijuana, which can be acquired in the oceanic country with a medical prescription by patients with chronic pain.

Legal medicinal use; regulated sale in some cities; culture tolerated in small amounts.

Legal cultivation; consumption, sale and distribution decriminalized for medical marijuana.

Legal possession for personal use, up to 22 grams per person; sale and legal distribution for medicinal and scientific use; legal cultivation for personal consumption, with a limit of up to twenty plants.

Consumption and cultivation decriminalized.

Legal consumption in 10 states, decriminalized in 18 states; legal medical marijuana in 29 states; legal cultivation in some states.

Illegal recreational consumption but tolerated in coffeeshops; Depenalized his possession up to five grams; Decriminalized cultivation up to five plants.

Cultivation and illegal recreational consumption at national level, decriminalized or tolerated in several states.

Legal for medicinal use.

Legal for medicinal use; decriminalized personal consumption, legal for the Rastafari; legal cultivation.

Decriminalized personal consumption; medicinal and legal scientific use, with THC up to 1%; legal cultivation for medicinal and scientific use, decriminalized for personal consumption.

Personal consumption and cultivation decriminalized.

Decriminalized recreational use, decriminalized possession up to 15 grams; legal medicinal use; decriminalized cultivation.

In November 2016, the government announced that as of 2018 doctors will be able to prescribe marijuana for their patients in cases such as chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain or spinal cord damage.

CROATIA In October 2015, Croatia legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes, which is why it is currently prescribed by specialized doctors for the treatment of diseases such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, epilepsy or AIDS.

In 2003, the cultivation of cannabis was decriminalized for medical purposes. Currently, the sole holder of a license is GW Pharmaceuticals. E l British Government has announced that, starting next fall, will be legal in the UK prescription drugs derived from cannabis.


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