Blueberry Buds

Blueberry Buds


For sale! Beautiful Blueberry buds, filled with gorgeous red hairs make this new exotic herbal smokes one of our top choices for an “all bud” smoke! Composed of 100% legal herbs, this bud is one potent, sweet smelling smoke! Very relaxing and mildly intoxicating, the smoke from this legal bud is sure to impress ANY herbal toker. Our returning Blueberry customers have expressed their love for real buds, and we have answered your requests bringing you another herbal smoke exclusive, Blueberry buds! Ingredients: Wild Dagga, Wild Hops, Avena Sativa, Wild Lettuce , Cannabae Buds.

1 Full Ounce Price: $46.95 / 1/2 Ounce Price: $28.95


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