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Here you’ll find a directory of some of the best new quality smoke in the world.  New and old smokers enjoy the great pleasure of today’s fantastic buds.  Everything you need to enjoy new experiences everyone is raving about.  Don’t be confused with the title of this domain, the smoke in this directory is NOT marijuana or marijuana alternatives, it’s legal all on their own.  Anything illegal or or whoever thinks he has been copyright infringed will be removed from this domain.  You’ll see these buds in magazines and stores.  This site does not sell anything but some websites deliver internationally so you can have your own stash and get FREE samples.  Follow the links below to experience the new world of legal buds. Imagine that, not having to worry about smoking.

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*Hawaiian Buds*

  • The most rewarding smoke in years.

  • Big bags at great prices, or buy small.

  • Soft and enjoyable on the lungs.

  • Free Samples.


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The quality of the smoke is impeccable.

Products advertised on this site are not labelled as marijuana alternatives, and do not arrive as marijuana alternatives, they are legally labelled as herbal smoke. These products are stand alone knockouts. Returning customers are buying up the Hawaiian Bud, Dutch Chronic, Blueberry Buds, and the Combo Buds Special.


Hawaiian Gold Bud – An ultra potent, soft on the lungs , freshly picked bag of smoking delight is awaiting you. As seen in magazines and cafes, now you can order safely and securley. Hawaiian


Dutch Hybrid Bud – The Dutch know how to party with huge green sticky buds. A satisfying smoke and you can get free samples of other great buds. Herboponic


Blueberry Bud – A hint of blueberry scent enhances the pleasure of this new bud. A potent, sweet smelling, super relaxing smoke. Blueberry


Combo Bud Special – Want to try a few buds of each product? Three great different pleasures are yearning to get smoked. Buy 3 Buds

420 Marijuana Alternatives .com Directory

Welcome to the online directory of 420 marijuana alternatives .com, legal herbal smoke found on the web.  Please note that some companies do not want their products called marijuana alternatives, the following premium legal herb products are the most powerful stand on their own smoking entities.  They have there own experience.  This online directory consists of chronic buds for sale from the best real bud websites around the world.  You can get them delivered stealth to you.  Comprised of completely legal 100% all natural herb smoke products.  Make no mistake, these products are not your average mail order marijuana alternatives, they are great new mail order herbal smoke alternatives to experience for the first time.  420 Marijuana Alternatives dot com searched the earth for years to find very potent gourmet legal buds you buy online.  Such as marihuanilla, a popular and very effective smoke compared to drug alternatives.  They come rolled up in single joints, in cigarette packages, or in 1/4oz., 1/2oz., full 1oz., and big quarter pound bags at wholesale prices.  Chronic buds are “voted the best legal bud by top smoking magazine readers”.  Once again, these products are not labelled marijuana and or marijuana alternatives.  Now there is an offering to you for the absolute best, freshest 100% legal herb, natural organic smokes and flavoured blends.  Clicking on your favorite herb smoke will expose the effects you will experience.  You’ll find when you buy legal smoke they come in buds, brick and oil textures.  Use the online directory or the quick search box to explore new all experiences.  Buy legal herbs for sale today, life’s a trip.  Come experience a world of herbal smoking pleasure just waiting for you.

  • Blueberry Buds
  • Bobo Super
  • Bull Dog
  • Cloud #9
  • Dig Wild Dagga
  • Dream Smoke
  • Ecstasy
  • Flash of Passion
  • Fun Daze
  • Golden Herbal Smoke
  • Hawaiian Herbal Buds
  • HerbalDro
  • Herbal Smoke
  • Herboponic
  • Honey Oil
  • Kanzak
  • Killer Nuggets
  • King Tut
  • Kratom
  • Legal Herb
  • Legal Herbs
  • Midnight Moon
  • Mystic Hybrid
  • Passion Flower Joints
  • Purple Haze
  • Salvia Divinorum
  • Sativa
  • Sensible Gold
  • Spirit Up
  • Stinky Buds
  • Temple Ball Smoke
  • Thai Black Herbal Oil
  • Total Organic
  • Vision Dream
  • Wild Greens

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    Products advertised on this site are not labelled as marijuana alternatives, and do not arrive as marijuana alternatives, they are legally labelled as herbal sm...

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